Topographic & Engineering Surveys

Our geographical environment is constantly changing. A measured survey will provide you with up to date knowledge of what exists on any site. Thus maximising your design to site fit.
From a basic site level grid survey showing spot levels, to detailed Topographic Surveys, McKenzie Geospatial Surveys can assist you from start to completion of your project at a competitive price.

Our surveys are carried out to the highest standard, using GPS/GNSS, and modern robotic EDM and Laser measurement instruments. Coordinates can be recorded to your own local site system or Country National Projection e.g. Ordnance Survey Projection OSTN15 & Datum Geoid OSGM15 for the United Kingdom (Suitable for Environment Agency flood risk surveys and other organisations). This will allow for seamless integration into your existing GIS system or CAD library. We can provide your data in traditional paper formats or a variety of digital formats including AutoCAD, PDF, MOSS and more. We will take you through each stage of your project, providing original ground survey, setting out engineering and volume calculations, to the final as-built survey.

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Aerial Photographic 3D Mapping

As part of McKenzie Geospatial Surveys’ commitment to deploying innovation for the benefit of its customers we offer a commercial High Definition Unmanned Aerial Imaging System (UAV) service.

We provide the following digital mapping products produced from fixed wing drone (UAV) imaging technology:

  1. Plan view images correct to scale and grid (ortho-corrected, geo-referenced imagery) allowing direct Ordnance Survey CAD drawing overlay.
  2. Merging of multiple images to create one complete mosaic image file for a complete site overview without losing resolution (typically <4cm).
  3. Surveying and GIS quality contour plots, DSM/DTM height models, including 3D colour rendered point clouds.

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Volumetric Analysis and Earthworks

With over 20 years direct experience working with bulk earthmoving contractors, designers, open cast mining companies, land restorers, and the construction industry our Geospatial expertise in collecting data specifically for DTM (Digital Terrain Model) purposes is utilised in the production of subsequent volume reports, cross sections and profiles. We can import and export most third party format data and provide visualisation in various 3D formats or text reports.

Some of our services and products include:

  • Isopachyte contours
  • Cut and fill balance calculations
  • Interim & final earthwork volumes
  • Reservoir design & volumes
  • Speculative or tender stage design volume checks
  • Landfill, void space computations
  • Stockpile quantities
  • Landscape design volumes
  • Flood risk data

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Site Setting Out

Further to carrying out your survey and completion of the design stage, subsequent positional and level setting-out of your design elements can easily be installed.

These include tasks such as setting out foundations, boundaries, land restoration levels, landscaping, pile positions, batter rails, profile boards, movement monitoring and more.

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Machine Control Data Preparation

McKenzie Geospatial Surveys is one of the first UK firms to privately offer a Machine Control Data preparation services since its conception.

We are able to provide expert assistance with supplying site calibrations and the plant operator’s screen interface data on your automated civils or construction plant.

We can

  • provide local or Ordnance Survey grid and datum control points,
  • carry out initial measured GPS Site calibrations for machine automation processors,
  • install secure base stations,
  • manage the input of 3D design data to your bulldozer, grader or 360 excavator system,
  • offer on site support, surveys, monitoring, and design adjustments.